How to Install WordPress

How to Build Your Bulletproof BlogNow that you have your domain name and hosting service we’ll head back to Bluehost to install WordPress on your new site.

Step 1: Select Login on the Bluehost homepage.

Bluehost Homepage Login

Step 2: Use your Account Credentials to login to the Main Dashboard for your Bluehost account:

Bluehost Login Page

Step 3:  Navigate to the Main Features on the Dashboard an select Install WordPress.

Bluehost cPanel

Step 4: Click on Install to begin the WordPress installation.

Wordpress Install

Step 5: Select your new domain name from the drop-down menu.  Leave the ‘directory' entry field empty.

Select Your New Domain Name

Step 6: Enter the Site Name or Title for your new blog as shown below.  Fill in the Admin Username — this should not be the same as your Bluehost account username and do not use “Admin”.  This is done for security purposes and reduces the chances of anyone hacking into your site.  Finally, create a unique Admin Password — again, not the same as your Bluehost account. Check the blocks as indicated an click Install Now.  The installation process may take a few minutes.

Wordpress Configuration

Step 7: Congratulations!!  Your new WordPress Installation is complete.  You can view your new WordPress credentials through this screen.  You will also receive an email with your credentials.  Store them in a safe place.

Wordpress Install Complete

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