How to Install WordPress Plugins

How to Build Your Bulletproof BlogWordPress plugins allow you to expand the functionality and features of your website.  Plugins can speed-up your website and make it more security. They can expand design features make easier to customize the layout and appearance of your site.  They allow you to add forms to your site. They give you the capability to operate a paid membership website.

All told there are nearly 36,000 plugins available through the WordPress library, as well as thousands more offered directed from plugin developers.Installing plugins is extremely easy and I'll walk you through the process in this tutorial.

Step 1: The vast majority of plugins can be installed direct through your WordPress dashboard.  Simply navigate to the ‘Plugins' tab in your Dashboard and click on ‘Add New' as shown below.

How To Install A WordPress Plugin

Step 2:  If you know the name of the particular plugin you want to install use the ‘Search Plugin' bar.  You can also find the most Popular, Recommended and Favorites in the menu as well. Once you've found the plugin you need, click the ‘Install Now' in the plugin description.

How To Install A WordPress Plugin

Step 3:  Finally, once the plugin is installed click on ‘Activate Plugin'.  That's it!  The plugin set up or features can show up in a variety of places on your WordPress Dashboard.  The most common places include: menu of the Dashboard, under the ‘Tools' tab, and under the ‘Settings' tab.  Each plugin is unique in this respect and can subject to the whims of the developer.

How To Install A WordPress Plugin

 Note:  Occasionally you may find a plugin that is not found in the WordPress library and that is downloaded in a zip file for the plugin developer.  The are commonly paid/premium plugins.  In that case, you purchase and download the plugin just like a premium theme.  Do not unzip the file.  Proceed to the plugin page and select ‘Upload Plugin' at the top of the page.  You then going through a similar process as adding a new theme.  Once installed you add the plugin as show in Step 3.

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