How to Set Up WordPress Usernames

How to Build Your Bulletproof BlogLet's take a few minutes to address how to set up your WordPress usernames.  Usernames can pose a significant security vulnerability in WordPress.  To minimize your chance of being hacked follow these simple rules:

  • Never use ‘Admin' as a user name.
  • Always use strong passwords.
  • Severely limit the number of users with an ‘Administrator' role if you have a multi-author blog.


Step 1: Ensure that there is no Username listed as ‘Admin'.  If you installed WordPress as outlined in ‘How to Install WordPress', then no ‘Admin' username should be listed, but we'll double-check it.  Select ‘Users' from your Dashboard.

Wordpress Users


Step 2:  You'll see a list of usernames.  If ‘Admin' is not listed then no further action needed.  If it is listed continue with this tutorial.


Step 3: Select “Add User” at the top of the User List page.  Enter a new Username.  Enter the new user's email address.  This is critical should you lose or forget your password. Enter a new, strong password.  Finally, change the ‘Role' from ‘Subscriber' to ‘Administrator'.  Click ‘Add New User'.  Once this is done you can safely remove the ‘Admin' user from the list.

Wordpress User Profiles

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