How to Point Your Hover Domain to Your Bluehost Account

How to Build Your Bulletproof BlogIf you used as your domain registrar and Bluehost as your web hosting service, this tutorial will show how to ‘point' your domain to Bluehost. The process is very easy, but this page is long you show you where each action is taken on Hover and Bluehost.

Step 1: Login to your Hover account and navigate to Your Account => Domains. You will see a page as shown below. Make a note of the Authorization Code as indicated.

How to Redirect Your Domain Name
Step 2: Open a new window in your browser. Login to your Bluehost Dashboard. Click on ‘Domains' in the Menu, as indicated below, to access a listing of your registered domains. Then click on ‘Assign a domain to your cPanel account'.

How to Redirect Your Domain Name

Step 3: The next image is a little lengthy so you might want to review it and return here.

  • At Label A: Enter your new domain at Hover, i.e.
  • At Label B: Enter your”Authorization Code” from Hover.
  • At Label C: Ensure that ‘Addon Domain' is selected.
  • At Label D: Select the Directory name of your new WordPress installation.
  • At Label E: Click assign this domain.

How to Redirect Your Domain Name

Step 4: Move back into your Hover Account and the list of your domains. Highlight the domain name and click on ‘Edit.

How to Redirect Your Domain Name
Step 5: Select to ‘Edit' the NameServers as shown below:

Step 6: Edit the Nameservers as shown below and Click On ‘Save'. The change is near immediate and you should be able navigate immediately to your website on Bluehost.

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