How To Find Your Passion

Searching for Passion

Do what you love.

Find your passion.

Follow your bliss.

Such phrases are common advice from career coaches and life coaches to the question, ‘What's the secret of life?” Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. OK, you’re saying to yourself. I’m in. I get it.

Yuh, but how do I know what I love?  How do I know my passion? And, what in the world does bliss even mean? You know what you don’t love. It may be a job, place, a person or some other circumstance. That only gets you so far. How do I find what I do love? What I’m passionate about? Or even find my bliss?

This thirty presentation by John P. Morgan is one of the best I’ve heard on the subject. Don’t let the comedy club background fool you, he removes the vagaries and presents a solid framework to help you begin the process of ‘finding’ your passion.

Here are some of the questions, key points and concepts to look for in his presentation.

  • What is a passionate life?
  • How will you know when you’re living a passionate life?
  • Why do you want to live a passionate life?
  • Passion can come with breadth or depth.
  • Passions are grown, not found.
  • Three elements that must be present in passion.
  • The relationship between motivation and passion.
  • How fear plays an important role in growing your passion.

If you enjoyed this presentation you may want to check out his other videos on Youtube.

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