How to Create Picture Perfect Twitter Image Posts

Picture Perfect Twitter Image

We’ve all seen them. Hastily posted Twitter images. Words partially or completely cropped out of the image. Unreadable quotes. Mangled images.

I’ve been guilty of posting them myself — not understanding how Twitter processes an image.

It was frustrating.

After all, if the author or designer couldn’t take the time to produce an attractive image, then how much effort did they put into their post or article.

I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t click on Twitter images that are cropped. And I would expect others to react in the same way to my images.

So, how do you create the picture perfect Twitter image posts? I took a couple of hours to research and test solutions.

First, you must understand how Twitter treats images. If you search on  Twitter image ratios, you’ll find that Twitter’s recommended image size is 1024 x 512 pixels — a 2-to-1 ratio.

The dirty little secret — that ratio applies to large screen devices — desktops and laptops. If you stick with Twitter’s recommendations you’re OK. If you’re outside that ratio, your image will be cropped and often with an undesirable result.

Rule one: Stick to a 2-to-1 ratio to keep you images from being cropped. Well, sort of.

Dirty little secret #2? Twitter applies a different ratio to mobile screens. It’s approximately 1.75-to-1. Other words, if you stick to 1024 x 512 image, approximately 64 pixels will be cropped from each side of an image on a mobile device.

That means you want the focal point of your image and text to be inside the 896 pixel “sweet spot” for your 1024 x 512 Twitter image.

The Perfect Image Solution

Enter A quick and easy method to guarantee the perfect Twitter image posts is to customize the Twitter Post template in Canva. Simply add two semi-transparent columns to the left and right edges of the template. These represent your guides for positioning text and the focal point of your image.

I recommend using 90 pixel columns. On a mobile device this provides adequate padding so text doesn’t run edge-to-edge on your Twitter image.

Be sure the picture image you use fills the entire 1024 pixel width of the template. Position the text between the semi-transparent margins.

Once you’re satisfied, remove the two semi-transparent columns. Viola, you have your picture perfect Twitter image ready for posting … it will be perfect across all devices!!

Power Tip

Not sure how your image tweet will look? Create a temporary, private/protected Twitter account to test your images.  Once your comfortable that you have the process down, you can delete the account.

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