How to Buy Web Hosting for Your New Blog

How to Build Your Bulletproof BlogIf you chose to purchase your domain name from my favored domain registrar, Hover Inc., congratulations!!  You’re now ready to buy your hosting service.  So how do you buy web hosting for your new blog? I’m going to recommend a specific provider to you and walk you through the complete purchase process.  As a matter of full disclosure and transparency I do receive receive a commission from them, which has no impact on your purchase price.

My recommended hosting service is Bluehost.  They are one of the largest hosting providers and the service I’ve used for the past few years.  They are one of the most price competitive hosting services around.  I have worked with their technical support several times over the years and have found them extremely helpful, professional and prompt in resolving issues, none of which were related to problems on their end.  There are many other popular hosting services, including HostGator, which is also widely recommended provider.  Both Bluehost and HostGator are owned by the same parent company, Endurance International Group.

Let’s get started and head to the Bluehost homepage:

Signing Up for Your Bluehost Account

Step 1: Select Your Hosting Plan

Note:  The plan prices reflected here are for 3-year plans.  Prices are higher for shorter term plans.  If you are determined and confident to create fresh content over time, then a long-term plan is for you.

Select Your Bluehost Plan

Step 2: Sign-Up for a free domain name.  As I mentioned in ‘How to Buy Your Domain Name’, Bluehost provides a free domain name.  If you used Hover, then this is excellent opportunity to get an extra domain name at no cost.  If you purchased a Hover domain, click here and I'll show how to point your Hover domain name to your Bluehost account.

Select Your Fee Domain Name

Step 3:  Complete your account information.

Complete Your Account Information

Step 4:  Select Your Account Options.  You have an opportunity to change your plan term before your final purchase.  If you didn’t use Hover to purchase domain name, then I strongly recommend you purchase Domain Privacy Protection here.  I do not recommend any other options.  I’ll show how to back-up your site free of cost later in this guide.

Select Your Plan Options

Step 5:   Finally, provide your credit card information to complete your purchase and activate your hosting service.

Complete Bluehost Payment Info

You should receive a ‘Welcome’ email from Bluehost providing your new Username and Password.  Store it in a safe place.  You’ll need that information to administer your account.

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