How to Create Your First WordPress Page

How to Build Your Bulletproof BlogThe process to create a WordPress page is nearly identical to creating a post.  The page window uses the same WordPress editor as the post window.

To create your first page select Pages > Add New from the WordPress Dashboard.  This will open the editor as shown below.  You can see the layout very similar to creating a post.  For review of the editor click here.  Unlike posts, pages by default do not display categories and tags.  However, if you find a need for them you can install a plugin to provide that feature.  Click here for the  plugin.

Create Your First WordPress Page


Depending on the nature of your site you are likely going to need to create couple pages, including an ‘About' page and a ‘Contact'. Page.  If you are offering any products or services or collecting any personal data you need to develop a Privacy Policy and possibly an Affiliate Disclosure.   If you are collecting personal information such as email addresses you have to clearly disclose your Opt-Out procedures for email, newsletter or other distributed material.  This goes well beyond the purpose of this post, but you should consider these, but they are vital if you are intending to operate a site that will generate revenue.

Click here to view my Privacy Policy.

Click here to view my Affiliate Disclosure.

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