How to Build Your Bulletproof Blog | An Introduction

How To Build A BlogWelcome to How to Build Your Bulletproof Blog, a series of articles designed to guide you through the essential steps of setting up a new self-hosted WordPress website.  It will cover:

  • Choosing and buying your domain name;
  • How to buy your hosting service;
  • How to install and configure WordPress;
  • How to select and install a WordPress theme;
  • How to add extra functionality to WordPress using ‘plugins’;
  • And, finally why you should consider using a premium WordPress theme on your site.


Even with little or no technical expertise you should move quickly through the steps and be ready to publish your first post in 30-45 minutes.

Create a Vision for Your Website

Before you begin there are a few things you need to consider since they can impact decision about your website design and function.  Some of the basics include:

  • What is the purpose of your site? Personal, business, non-profit, etc.
  • What is its focus?  Raise awareness of my business or services, sell digital products, deliver online courses, news and opinion, offer professional services (lawyer, real estate, financial advisor, web development, photographer), non-profit activity (charity, church, public interest group), establish a membership site, etc.
  • What kind of content will you offer? Most people naturally think of blog articles with limited use of images. However, WordPress is more than just a blogging platform.  It is a powerful ‘content management system (CMS) that can support podcasting, video, high-definition images, etc.  This can play prominently in selecting a hosting service.
  • Will you be the only content creator or will others contribute and publish content on the site?

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  For the purpose of this series, I will assume that your building a personal, small business or non-profit blog / website.  That only one or two people will administer and produce content.  And, at least initially, you won’t be selling any products or services.

This series will provide the information you need build a blog that is attractive, powerful and, most importantly an expandable blogging and content platform.

A second series, currently under development, will provide more advanced concepts to help you customize and add additional functionality to your site.

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