Hi, I’m Alec Watson, a web designer and developer living in a quiet little beach town on the Mississippi Gulf coast, Bay St Louis.

The BULLETPROOF BLOGGER is my homeport on the Internet.  This where I share my philosophy, expertise, tips, resources and services with you and other solo entrepreneurs who want to create more than just a place on the web . . . they want to create a presence and a platform for their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Are you a solopreneur or independent professional looking to raise the awareness of your products or services?  Maybe you’re freelancer or solopreneur seeking to build your personal empire or a work-at-home parent looking to generate supplemental family income — or even replace a full-time income!  I can help you build that.

If we work together we’ll do more than just build just a website, we’ll create a presence that reflects your personal vision, spirit and values as well as those of your business and brand.  I’ll guide you through a process to precisely define your vision, clarify your values and identify your goals.  Your online presence should be more than just a place, it should be an extension of you.

Maybe you’re stuck in your existing online business and looking for an unbiased, neutral partner to help you breakthrough to a new level of performance or make ‘the pivot’ to move yourself or your business in a new direction.  With over 20 years leading people and organizations, large and small, I can help you strip away the noise, rediscover what is essential and regain the clarity and creativity you once had.

I selected BULLETPROOF BLOGGER as the name of this blog for a very specific reason. To be bulletproof reflects an attitude of invincibility and confidence ~ confidence in your creativity, imagination, vision, principles, values and spirit.

That attitude and confidence are essential and integral to an effective web presence.  After all, a your platform is more than just design and code.  It must embody your vision, spirit and invincible attitude!

Let's create your presence. BE BULLETPROOF!

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